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About the department

The English Department at Tyagbir Hem Baruah College is a hub of academic excellence, renowned for its comprehensive curriculum, dedicated faculty, and vibrant student community.The faculty members of the English Department are highly qualified and passionate about their subjects. They are experts in various fields of English studies, including literature, linguistics, and communication. Many faculty members are actively involved in research and publication, ensuring that their teaching remains current and informed by the latest developments in their respective fields. The curriculum of the English Department is designed to be comprehensive and rigorous, encompassing a wide range of topics and approaches to the study of English language and literature. Students are exposed to various genres, periods, and cultural contexts, allowing them to develop a broad and nuanced understanding of the subject. In addition to traditional classroom teaching, the English Department at Tyagbir Hem Baruah College also emphasizes experiential learning and practical skills development. Students are encouraged to participate in seminars, workshops, and conferences, where they can interact with scholars and authors and present their own research and creative work. The department also organizes various extracurricular activities and events to enrich students' learning experience. These include literary festivals, book fairs, drama performances, and poetry readings, which provide students with opportunities to showcase their talents and engage with the wider literary community. Overall, the English Department at Tyagbir Hem Baruah College is a dynamic and vibrant academic community that provides students with a solid foundation in English language.

Faculty Members

Name Designation Contact No Photo
Dr. Anju Chhetri Associate Professor 9365778829
Dr. Ramesh Dabari Associate Professor 7002309052
Dr. Sudha Sarma Associate Professor 9435485983
Dr. Rajlakshmi Basumatari Assistant Professor 8811945478
Mr. Sumanta Rajbanshi Assistant Professor 9859185467


1. To be a center of excellence in English studies, known for producing graduates who are proficient in English language and literature. 2. To engage in cutting-edge research and scholarship that contributes to the field of English studies and enriches our understanding of language and literature. 3. To foster a vibrant academic community that values creativity, critical thinking, and intellectual curiosity. 4. To establish strong partnerships with other institutions and organizations to enhance the learning experience and opportunities for our students. 5. To uphold the values of diversity, inclusivity, and social responsibility, ensuring that our graduates are global citizens who contribute positively to society.


1. To impart a thorough understanding of English language, literature, and related fields, ensuring students develop strong linguistic and literary skills. 2. To cultivate critical thinking and analytical abilities among students, enabling them to interpret texts and ideas effectively. 3. To encourage creativity and expression, fostering a love for literature and language that transcends the classroom. 4. To promote cultural awareness and sensitivity, emphasizing the role of literature in reflecting and shaping society. 5. To prepare students for a range of career paths by providing them with valuable communication, research, and writing skills.

Departmental Library

The Departmental Library of the English Department at Tyagbir Hem Baruah College is a treasure trove of literary resources, offering a diverse collection of books, journals, and multimedia materials. It serves as a valuable resource for students and faculty, supporting research, study, and exploration of English language and literature.

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