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About the department

The Botany department at THB College offers a comprehensive education in plant sciences, covering topics such as plant anatomy, physiology, taxonomy, ecology, and biotechnology. The department provides undergraduate courses that emphasize both theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the field of botany.

Faculty Members

Name Designation Contact No Photo
Dr. Tulshi Upadhyay Assistant Professor 8876635028
Rupa Kalita Assistant Professor 8638936103


The vision of the Botany department at THB College is to be a leading center for botanical education and research, known for its academic excellence and contributions to plant sciences. The department envisions a dynamic academic environment where students and faculty engage in cutting-edge research, advancing our understanding of plant biology and its applications. The goal is to inspire and empower students to become stewards of the environment, promoting sustainability and biodiversity conservation.


The mission of the Botany department at THB College is to provide students with a strong foundation in plant sciences and prepare them for careers in research, academia, and environmental conservation. The department aims to cultivate a deep understanding and appreciation of plants and their importance in sustaining life on Earth. Through experiential learning, fieldwork, and research opportunities, the department seeks to develop students' analytical skills, critical thinking, and environmental consciousness.

Departmental Library

The Botany department at THB College maintains a specialized departmental library, offering a collection of books, journals, and research materials relevant to botany. This resource provides students and faculty with easy access to materials that supplement their coursework and research. The departmental library serves as a quiet and conducive space for studying and conducting research in botany, complementing the resources available in the central library. It also serves as a hub for academic discussions and knowledge sharing among students and faculty, fostering a collaborative and intellectually stimulating environment within the department.

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