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About the department

The English department at Tygabir Hem Baruah College stands as an intellectual hub, fostering a vibrant academic atmosphere. Faculty members, equipped with diverse expertise, weave a tapestry of literary exploration and linguistic mastery. Students are guided through the labyrinth of classic and contemporary literature, honing their analytical skills and critical thinking. The department's curriculum seamlessly blends the traditional with the avant-garde, offering a comprehensive study of literature, language, and cultural nuances. Seminars and workshops provide platforms for spirited discussions, encouraging students to delve into the depths of literary theory and linguistic intricacies. Beyond the confines of the classroom, the English department pulsates with literary events, where students showcase their creative expressions through poetry readings, storytelling sessions, and dramatic performances. The annual literary festival, a highlight on the academic calendar, attracts scholars, authors, and enthusiasts alike. Tygabir Hem Baruah College's English department is not just a repository of knowledge but a dynamic crucible where passion for language and literature is forged into academic excellence. It continues to inspire generations, shaping individuals with a profound love for the written word and the artistry of language.

Faculty Members

Name Designation Contact No Photo
Dr. Anju Chetree Associate Professor 9999999999
Dr. Sudha Sarma Assistant Professor 9999999999
Dr. Sudha Sarma Assistant Professor 9999999999
Dr. Sudha Sarma Assistant Professor 9999999999
Dr. Sudha Sarma Assistant Professor 9999999999
Dr. Sudha Sarma Assistant Professor 9999999999


The English department at Tygabir Hem Baruah College envisions a transformative educational experience, cultivating a deep love for language and literature. Our vision is to foster critical thinking, linguistic versatility, and cultural empathy in students. We aspire to integrate cutting-edge developments in the field, preparing graduates to navigate a dynamic global landscape. Through innovative teaching and interdisciplinary initiatives, we aim to empower students to become articulate communicators and agents of positive change. Our vision is to shape individuals who not only excel academically but also contribute meaningfully to the ever-evolving world of language and literature.


The English department at Tygabir Hem Baruah College is dedicated to providing a comprehensive and enriching education in language and literature. Our mission is to foster a nurturing learning environment that encourages critical thinking, effective communication, and cultural understanding. We aim to empower students with linguistic proficiency, analytical skills, and a deep appreciation for diverse literary traditions. Through innovative pedagogy and research opportunities, we strive to prepare students for academic excellence, professional success, and societal engagement. The mission is to cultivate a community of lifelong learners who contribute meaningfully to the literary landscape and positively impact society.

Departmental Library

The English department at Tygabir Hem Baruah College boasts a specialized departmental library, meticulously curated to enrich students' literary pursuits. This haven for bibliophiles houses an extensive collection of classic and contemporary literature, linguistic references, and critical theory. The library serves as a quiet retreat for academic exploration, providing students with a resourceful space for research and study. With a diverse array of texts, the departmental library is a cornerstone in fostering a passion for reading, supporting academic endeavors, and nurturing a culture of intellectual curiosity within the English department.

Ph. D. Awarded

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Test 2000 XYZ

Ph. D. Ongoing

Name Year of Admission Topic
Test 2023 XYZ

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