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  Reaccredited by NAAC (Grade - B, Year-2021)

Evaluation Under Semester System

  The Three Years Degree Course shall be of Six Semester covering 3(three) calendar years. The schedule for the semester system shall be as per G.U. Academic Calendar.
  Students’ performance is monitored throughout the semester by continuous assessment in the theory and practical courses. Evaluation of the students’ performance in each of the theory and practical will be based on the following -

  1. Internal Evaluation : 20% Major Subjects/ 15% General Subject/ 10% General English.
  2. External Evaluation : 80% Major Subjects/ 60% General Subjects/ 40% General English.
  Internal Evaluation should be based on two sessional examinations, home assignment,seminars and library works in each semester.
  External Evaluation should be through a final examination at end of every semester.
  The Pass Mark in each theory paper is 30% and that in each practical paper 40%. However, in order to clear a semester the student must get a combine aggregate of 45% marks in the subject in each semester examination. Students have to clear the back paper/subject as per G.U. Guide Lines in further semester
  In each paper,students must secure pass marks in both internal as well as external evaluation separately
  A student who could not appear or failed in any semester examination will be allowed to clear the Back(Arrear) as mentioned below -
  1. First Semester with regular Third Semester Examination.
  2. Second Semester with regular Fourth Semester Examination.
  3. Third Semester with regular Fifth Semester Examination.
  4. Fourth Semester with regular Sixth Semester Examination.
  A student may Repeat any one of the theory papers of the First or Second Semester. for improvement of Grade Points.
  There is no provision of Repeat in the Practical Examination in any semester and also in any paper of Sixth Semester.
  Students having Back in any semester will not be issued the Sixth Semester Grade Sheets till their Back cleared Grade Sheets produced to G.U.. Such stuednts will find their result as W1/W2/W3/W4 or W5 in result sheet.
  A student must pass all Semester Examinations including Repeat or Back chances within 5(five) years from the year of First Semester Admission. A students will avail maximum 3(three) chances to clear Back of any semester during fixed 5(years).
  In the Sixth Semester if a Project Work or Advance Level Practical Examination is evaluated and found to be satisfactory, the student need not repeat the paper even if need only to re-appear in the theory paper in the next chance.
  In case of any dispute regarding examination or unforeseen events arises the matter may be placed before the competent authority or the Principal for an amicable solution.
  Since the Semester System introduced, there would be no scope for a student to appear as a private candidate in any examination.
  For any matter not covered in this regulation prepared for Semester System by Gauhati University, the existing rules of the university should be applicable.
  Chances for the Sixth Semester Regular students having Back paper/papers is dependable subject to the notification of Gauhati University