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National Cadet Corps

NCC the largest youth organization of the world was started in 1948 under the Ministry of Defense based on the report of H.N.Kunzru .So, he is considered as founder of national cadet corps. The DG (NCC) is appointed from Defense force of the rank Lt. General. The HQ of NCC is located in Delhi and the whole country is divided in to 17 directorates for smooth functioning. The institutional activities of NCC are conducted by units, headed by C.O. of the rank Lt col./major. The activities of units are conducted by groups headed by group commander of the rank colonel. The motto of NCC is Unity and Discipline aim is to create a trained motivated human resources of the society to provide leadership in every walls of life including defense force and to create an environment to motivate youths as a good citizen and to join in the defense force. NCC is divided in to three wings i.e. Army, Navy and Air.

In the T.H.B. College NCC was started in 1965 and founded ANO Lt. Suren Das. He was followed by Major G. Kalita in 1975 and he discharged his duty as ANO till retirement from NCC (1984). Lt. A.Saikia took the charge of ANO in 1994 and Captain Dr. Tilak Sarmah has serving as an Associate NCC Officer From 2011 to till date.

Enrollment during the last three years -

Year 2017,2018 & 2019