ISO 9001:2015 Certified Institute
  Reaccredited by NAAC (Grade - B, Year-2021)

About IQAC

Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) of Tyagbir Hem Baruah College was formed in September, 2002 mainly to supervise and prepare the assessment requirement of the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC). The other associated objectives of the Cell are (a) to supervise the infrastructural facilities of the institution so that the facilities are quiet adequate to match with higher education, (b) to attract meritorious students from all spheres (c) to ensure congenial atmosphere of teaching-learning and research to prevail in the college etc. However, keeping into consideration the rapid changes in size, dimensions and need of higher education of the country, the objectives of the cell have been broadened in line with the guidelines issued by NAAC from time to time. The college was accreditated by NAAC for the first time in 2005 and was awarded a “C+” grade. IQAC of the college played a major role in submitting Annual quality Assurance Reports (AQAR) and completing the Self Study Report (SSR) submitted to the NAAC. After the first assessment, the IQAC was restructured and a new committee was formed as per guidelines of the NAAC. The college was re-accreditated by NAAC in 2012 and was awarded “B” grade with 2.31 grade points reflecting quantitative and qualitative improvement of the college in various spheres. The present IQAC looks after various activities with a view to ensure quality improvement measures undertaken by the College. Regular feedback from the students, parents and peer group have been taken into consideration while formulating the future quality improvement initiatives of the college. Various departments of the college have been requested especially (i) to hold inter-departmental talk/seminar, invited talk; symposium etc. to broaden the knowledge base of the students by inculcating interdisciplinary subject knowledge and (ii) to hold parents-teacher-student meeting at departmental level to ensure triangular interaction among the major stakeholders of the higher education/institute. Various extension activities under “Extension Cell” of the college has also been taken up to generate awareness on different socio-economic issues that stymie development of the society. As a special drive, at the initiative of IQAC, faculty members of the college are sent to nearby schools to take classes on subjects/topics as per need of the schools. Besides these academic activities, considering sprawling campus of the college, attempts have been made to extend a 4.5 acres of land under existing tea cultivation, to bring about 2 bighas of land under Lemon cultivation and undertake fish farming in existing natural ponds in the campus in order to generate resources internally. The present IQAC, newly reconstituted in 2018, has been further strengthened by inclusion of a student representative, alumni representative and a few renowned administrators and educationists. Presently, the IQAC of the college has been suggesting crucial quality improvement programs to the management of the college besides preparing for the re-accreditation of the institute in 2019.

Administrative Profiles

Dr. Ajit Hazarika, Principal
Contact: 7002186618/8486257952
  Chairman IQAC

Dr. Jitu Tamuli, Co-ordinator IQAC, IUMS & CBCS
Contact: 9864051644
  HOD,Department of Economics

Mr. Sumanta Rajbongshi, Co-ordinator SWAYAM
Contact: 9101856532
  Assistant Professor,Department of English

Mrs. Aruna Borah, Academic Officer
Contact: 9435081191
  Associate Professor,Department of Education

Mr. Pradip Goswami
Contact: 9435081191
  Associate Professor,Department of Geography

Dr.Khanjan Kr. Das, Co-ordinator KKHSOU
Contact: 9577276507
  Associate Professor,Department of Assamese

Dr. Dinesh Ch. Das,Co-ordinator IDOL
Contact: 9401314357
  Associate Professor,Department of Education

Dr. Jayanta Baruah, Member
  Associate Professor,Department of Education

Dr.Rasna Rajkhowa,Co-ordinator, Extension Cell
Contact: 9854492326
  Assistant Professor,Department of Physics

Dr.Sanjib Upadhayaya, Co-ordinator RUSA
Contact: 9954497555
  Assistant Professor,Department of Zoology

Dr.Nava Jyoti Hazarika,Programme Officer CG & CC
Contact: 9854020070
  Assistant Professor,Department of Mathematics

Mr. Palash Borah , Member
Contact: 9435485131
  Associate Professor,Department of Political Science

Mr. Mukut Bhuyan
  Head Assistant

Mr. Bikash Borah, Societal/Alumni Representatives
Contact: 7002465612
  Alumni Representatives

Mr. Manash Jyoti Sharma, Students' Representatives
Contact: 9365324426
  Students' Representatives

CO, 12th Assam Police Battalion, Administrator